Salaam Loans, Tata Capital, India

Launching the Salaam Loans under their broad Do Right initiative, TATA Capital extended a helping hand to deserving individuals who do not have access to organized credit, empowering them to claim their #LoanKaHaq.

Under the Salaam Loans campaign, TATA Capital urged their social media and digital followers to share stories of deserving individuals with the brand. The brand mobilized their social media followers by vowing to provide loans to individuals whose stories garnered a 1000 Likes on Facebook.

#LoanKaHaq managed an Organic Reach of more than 1 million, delivering over 19.2 million Impressions for TATA Capital on Facebook alone. The campaign helped the brand get 967k Page Likes during the campaign.

Engagement figures registered by TATA Capital peaked at 539,661 Likes and 4,697 Reactions, while also receiving 1677 Comments and 3757 Shares on Facebook which indicates that the campaign was received favourably by their social media audience.

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Salaam Loans,  Tata Capital, India