Writing our Rights - The Empowerment Book - Ignite, USA

To inspire girls to become the next generation of political leaders, Ignite created Writing Our Rights: a workbook that aims to develop more than just handwriting. Rather than featuring the generic sentences typical of workbooks, every exercise will be comprised of powerful quotes from 10 iconic female leaders and designed to make both the woman and her words familiar and relatable to young girls.

Though they come from different time periods and reference different views, these words all teach girls the same lesson: They are powerful. The more young girls learn and write their rights, the more likely they will grow up inspired to change the status quo.

Donors who make a gift of $50 or more to this campaign received a copy of the limited edition 11" X 14" professionally bound “Writing Our Rights” workbook, as a special thank you for supporting IGNITE’s efforts to empower the next generation of women to step into political power. However, the book is available for all to download for free at www.writingourrights.com

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Writing our Rights - The Empowerment Book -  Ignite, USA